Sailing Trip to Labuan Bajo

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This post is about my recent trip from one of the most beautiful place in Indonesia and it was probably the most distant place I've ever visited (in Indonesia), Labuan Bajo, Flores, East Nusa Tenggara. 

I took 4 days 3 nights LOB (Live On Board) trip from @longlastingtrip I found on Instagram, we lived on the boat for 3 days and 2 nights before got transferred to our hotel in Labuan Bajo. But despite the fact that it was not my first time living on board, I was extremely thrilled. Our guide, Mas Irfan was very helpful and nice, the foods on the board were so fine, they were basically home-cooked meals with a lot of varieties. You can book an open trip/private trip, you can request the boat and etc, he will make sure to adjust the trip in order to meet your needs.

The time I spent hopping from one island to another really loosen up my mind. 
Time seemed to slow down and I felt like I was on cloud nine. It was indeed relaxing and I was genuinely happy. Couldn't be more excited to share my favorite places :

1. Chasing sunset at Gili Lawa

2. The fascinating pink beach

3. Chasing sunrise at Padar Island (which was my most favorite part)

Me and my friends were actually planning to dive, but since we only have an Open Water license and Labuan Bajo is infamous with its strong current so I thought it'd be best if we wait till we take the Advanced license and go for another trip so unfortunately I was only snorkeling.

Several things to pack before the trip:
1. Sunscreen
It is very crucial to wear sunscreen, not only when you travel but everyday. By using sunscreen, it protects you from harmful radiaton from the sun, preventing premature aging and reduces your risk for skin cancer.
2. Swimsuit / Bikini 
Whatever it is, bring your best swimsuit! You WILL take a tons of pictures, I guarantee hehehehehe.
3. Sunglasses - which it was forgotten by me (hmph)
Not only to make you look cooler, protection against UV radiation is more important.
4. Hiking sandals / trekking shoes
We did not only spend our time in the ocean, there were some trekking too. I brought my running shoes, it was fine but quite slippery so hiking sandals/trekking shoes would have been so much better.
5. Comfy clothes
No matter what you wear, just make sure it makes you comfortable, since 80% of chance would be very hot
6. Dry shampoo 
If you are planning to live on board, it'd be better if you get the dry shampoo. The water on the boat might run very small so if you can't stand your hair looking messy and unbearable, it'd be a good choice!
7. Aloe vera
Your skin might be burn and it hurts, smear on aloe vera. Apart from its function to cool and sooth the skin, it also could treat skin afflictions and reduce inflammation. Me and my friends use the one from Nature Republic which is sold everywhere so you can easily purchase them online/offline. But be careful when purchasing online, so many fake products nowadays.
8. Dry bag
You might want to consider it, since you're going to spend a lot of time on the beach, you might travel to a more remote place with only small boat and to bring your gear with you, it is better to pack it into the dry bag.
Travel as light as you can, bring only what you need. 

Reminder : you will still get the cellular signal once you arrive in Labuan Bajo, but the only operator that supports the mobile network coverage in the open sea & remote areas is only Telkomsel, but the signal is predictably weak. 

the one who misses the beach,

Shirley Wijaya

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