1/101 Lifetime Goals

8:13 PM

After years of dreaming (and saving) I finally accomplished one of my goals of getting my diving license. It was all started when my uncle used to take me to accompany him to dive (while me only snorkeling ha ha ha ), and I fell head over heels in love with the ocean. The clear blue sky and the sparkling ocean have successfully caught my heart. Tho I used to be afraid of fishes, but  the touch of the ocean and when the sun kissed through my skin, it feels amazing.  And it's always interesting to see people putting on a wet suit and assemble their diving gear. And when they are about to enter the water and do the backflip, coooool!

Extremely happy to know that me and my uncle both can finally explore more about the (underwater) world together. Plus, it could get me to travel to more remote places for an incredibly amazing view.  Here are the pictures I took during my weekend getaway (it was for the diving exam actually but  who cares? ) And how I wish I could take pictures when I was diving, too bad I haven't bought the red filter for my camera.

How have you guys been? I hope you guys are doing well enough not to neglect your own health (like I did) I was so exhausted and caught a severe flu. I knew I needed a rest but I may have crossed the line from overworking.

The one who desperately needs a rest,

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