Postcard from Yogyakarta

10:30 PM

Hey guys been awhile since I wrote my last post which was on December last year. And now it's July, half year has gone and I just turned 23. I kinda feel old enough, well some of you probably think I'm still too young to feel so old. But whatever, I still feel old anyway.

Since I just turned 23, I requested my uncle a birthday trip for my birthday gift (like usual). And I chose to visit YOGYAKARTA. I've been having this extreme desire to visit the beating heart of Javanese culture. Though Bali receives more attention from international and local travelers, but the fact that this city always manages to preserve the arts and culture values makes this city is even more charming in my eyes.

Yogyakarta is home to many famous artists, painters, musicians, etc who have greatly influenced a lot of people in different kind of way. You can easily notice street art or interesting murals covered the city's walls or bump into talented street musicians on the road. But, despite Yogyakarta is home for all Javanese culture and heritage, it is also a very lively city, we can see at Malioboro Street that always crowded and famous for its night market and street food vendors.

1. Kalibiru

2. Hutan Pinus Imogiri

4. Punthuk Setumbu

5. Borobudur

6. Ratu Boko

6. Jomblang Cave

Last but not least, I managed to spare some time to visit Art Jog Festival 2016 at Jogja National Museum. The entrance fee was IDR 50,000, was worth the shot but my guide told me it used to be a free event, he was quite shocked that we had to pay :(

artwork from the famous Eko Nugroho

This artwork is my favorite, I am not aware with the artist but the artwork itself shows us that beauty does come in all forms, despite all the race and skin color. Diversity!

This probably one of the most memorable trips, because I am more into natural landscape which includes mountains, beaches, lakes or geological sites. I can't wait to plan another trip soon, if anyone's up for sudden adventure you are welcome to ring me up! Let's see where to go next, ideas?

the one who needs another vacation,

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