Seoul Travel Diary

8:41 PM

I went to Seoul with my uncle (like always!) Have I ever mentioned that he's the best travel partner? Yes he definitely is. He has just completed his wish to visit 25 Schengen Countries (clapclapclap when are you planning to take me with you uncle?) Btw we only stayed 3 days in Seoul and didn't even go to the Namsan Tower (booooo) but I don't mind. Love locks? What shall I write up there? Shirley loves cakes? Or Shirley loves bimbimbap?


// Namsan Tower - view from our hotel's room //

// One of the best street food I had in Myeongdong, introduced by my Korean friend //

// THIS IS SO GOOD! One of the reasons to visit Seoul is they got coffee shops and bakeries everywhere, actually I wanted to buy some breads but how could I resist this kind of temptation? And it doesn't only look so tempting but it also tastes like HEAVEN! //


Taken at Itaewon, Seoul

Gyeongbokgung Palace

Bukchon Hanok Village


// My friend said many people will visit this stall, I have no clue what is this thing called haha. It tastes very good tho //


Thanks to one of my classmates for being our local guide and translator for a day. Can't wait to see you in Guangzhou soon. Anyway mind my silly face.

the one who's been haunted by those yummy street foods and cakes,

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