Happy Chinese New Year

1:10 PM

Since we are still in the mood of celebrating Chinese New year that my Instagram's feed is full of girls taking picture with their red dresses or their cheongsam (旗袍) and curly long hair while handing their red pockets and standing beside the orange tree (hahaha if you know what I mean), let me wish everyone a very happy and wonderful Chinese New Year!  Hope you guys are getting a lot more red pocket (红包) than last year and to those whose duty is to give, please please please give more red pocket. Students like us are so poor that sometimes we are not willing to eat just to save money (true story hahaha!)

What makes me start blogging again?
It's because I'm bored to be honest and I need something to do without moving my ass even an inch. Thanks to my friends who also encouraged me to be back in the blogging world, I appreciate it (I really do). Actually I enjoy writing random things or some random motivations such as, "If you wanna have a lot of money, start planting the money tree" which everyone finds it very weird and disturbing that only takes a genius like me to understand what's the point of it (hahaha).

But the truth is, I just want to share everything from picture, opinions and views of any current situation, like many people say sharing is caring. But if you still find me very annoying, just ignore the blog (really). I feel like writing calms my mind, it does distract me from being angry or deeply devastated, it reliefs me. By the way, it's Saturday! Have a greatest weekend everyone, so that you can actually think Monday is not that bad at all (????)

Sorry for the low quality pictures, I took them with my phone since my camera's lens is broken (my heart is also broken) 

the one who doesn't really know what to write in her first post,

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